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The 4th LifeTrain Workshop, Brussels, 2-3 March 2015

Achievements and challenges in lifelong learning for the biomedical sciences

To download the Workshop's agenda, please click here.

Summary of the Workshop's conclusions

Specific outcomes and suggested action plans arising from the breakout sessions are outlined in the breakout day 1 and day 2 slides. A summary of the conclusions, outcomes and actions from the Workshop as a whole are being compiled. The following summary will be expanded and developed over the next few weeks.


1. We need simpler/clearer messages of what LifeTrain is, how it is relevant and the benefits to all stakeholder groups

  • Redevelop the LifeTrain messages (general and specific to stakeholder groups)
  • Develop the LifeTrain website to be more reactive to stakeholder needs and the diverse environment across Europe (resources required for this to be explored)
  • Increase case studies on LifeTrain website to highlight benefits
  • Include guidance on competency profiles and best practice
    • Explore use of core/generic and specific competency profiles, use of templates, matching competencies to courses in on-course®

2. We need increased engagement with employers, policy makers, higher education institutes, individuals

  • For all stakeholder groups, the priority is to use our current member organisations to engage with the relevant ‘gatekeepers’
    • Use different strategies for large and SME employers, individuals (see breakout topic 1 slides), higher education (see breakout topic 4 slides) and policy makers (see breakout topic 2 slides)
    • Discussions with policy makers already initiated post-meeting (see breakout topic 2 slides)

Posters for download (PDF)

The numbering scheme corresponds to the scheme in the publication in Intrinsic Activity (see link above).